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Cornerstone Live Webcast

We broadcast club meetings over the internet where can see the presenters slides/charts and hear the presenter all for FREE!

Follow these simple steps to attend meetings online for FREE! Be sure to note that there are two different Cornerstone rooms, Michael Norris' Cornerstone Investors Network room and Mark Anderson's Cornerstone Traders room. So be to sure to enter correct room. If you go into a room and the scheduled meeting is not going on, then you and others will have gone to the wrong room by mistake, which is no problem, if that happens, just come back here and click on the proper link to take you to the other room if that happens.

  1. For meetings Michael Norris with the Tampa Cornerstone Investors Network is doing click on this link: For meetings Mark Anderson with the Chicago Cornerstone Investors Network is doing click on this link:
  2. A file download window will come up, click Run.
  3. Another window will come up stating that we are an unknown publisher asking if you want to run this software, click Run again.
  4. After the download is complete, you will see a box to enter your first and last name. Under that you will see "please select chat room. For Micheal Norris' webcasts, select Cornerstone Investors Network. For Mark Anderson's webcasts, select Cornerstone Traders. If you are asked for a password, enter the password that you were given in the email you received. Click "OK" to enter the conference room. A red, white & green icon will be put on your desktop for future classes. If you don't have the password you can contact Michael Norris for his webcasts at and you can contact Mark Anderson for his webcasts at

















Cornerstone Investors Network: 550 N. Reo ST. Suite #300
Tampa, FL 33609 (813)-261-3808 E-mail:


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